To be allocated points in Sussex Grand Prix race, runners must be registered with us before that race is run.
Runners can now check their registration status here.
It is important that a registered runner’s name matches the name they use to enter races, otherwise they will not picked up on the results. This is especially important for runners who use shortened names or nicknames, e.g. Bill and William, Edward and Ted.
Use the registration checker and let us know if you’d like us to alter your registered name.
You’ll also see your SGP Runner ID. This number is used to track and allocate your points throughout the series, you might find it useful to note it down because it will be shown on race results. We have a few runners with identical names, but your ID will be unique to you.

The SGP require a results processor. This would suit someone with MS Excel skills who has an interest in the Sussex Grand Prix. The role involves checking official race results and compiling SGP points data for each race as soon as possible after official race results are available.
If you can help out, please let us know: info at