The Sussex Grand Prix race calendar for 2018 looks a little different.

From 17 races to 10 (more details on the reasons for the revised format are here).

There are also revisions to the scoring, both for individuals and teams.

Individual scoring

The number of scoring races is reduced from best 8 to best 6.
Points allocation remains the same: 1st-500, 2nd-499, etc.

There is no longer a requirement to run 2 or more long races (10 miles+).

Team scoring

Team leagues will now be compiled on a race-by-race basis, with points awarded for each clubs’ performance at every race. Points will be carried forward to the next race, producing an ongoing total throughout the year.

Clubs will be scored on their best 9 races from 10. This is so that small clubs are not penalised at their own races when many club members are often assisting with marshalling duties.
Full details of the team scoring system, including the size of the scoring team are yet to be finalised, but it is likely that all club members will contribute to a team’s score in some way. For example if the first 20 runners in a club form the team score, all other members of the club will contribute by affecting the points of competing runners finishing behind them. The scores for men and women will be separate to form a men’s league and women’s league. There will also be a combined league to decide overall club champions.

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