The Sussex Road Racing Grand Prix is the road running competition for clubs in Sussex.

For the latest info and results, check out the news pages.

The full rules and method of scoring can be viewed on the rules page.

The SGP is open to members of the competing clubs as registered with the SGP.
The participating clubs are shown on the clubs page.
We welcome new clubs to the competition, details are on the clubs page.


Only those runners who have been pre-registered by their clubs will be eligible to score points at any of the races that form the series.

Runners can check their registration status here.

Points are awarded according to the runner's finishing position, 1st place earns 500 points, 2nd place 499, and so on. The scoring is separate for males and females.

Individual's points totals are obtained from a runner's best 8 scoring races.
These 8 races must include at least 2 races of 10 miles or more (runners over 70 and under 18 will not have to run 2 long races).

Runners' individual points allocation also form the team scores for each club; the top 10 men and 5 ladies are counted.

The need for runners to check their points allocation

Due to the complexity of compiling points for SGP, runners are urged to check that they have been allocated points at any race. Points tables will be published soon after each race.

If you want to be notified by email as results are published then subscribe to the feed on the news pages. Any queries relating to the results must be made within 3-weeks of the publication of results; queries should be submitted using the online query form.